Wilshire Madison

All smoke, no mirrors.

Wilshire Madison is a brand born out of an obsession with cannabis. A vice once hidden is now grown with respect and produced with unerring discipline. Yield is limited by design and the demands of their exacting production methodology. Wilshire Madison divulges little about their lineage but it indelibly shapes all that they do. They are obsessive, unconventional and above all, exclusive.

The brand and packaging reflect Wilshire Madison’s past, undeniable quality and passion for the finer things in life. We leveraged more from the world of couture fashion than of cannabis; bespoke boxes, wrapped in tactile papers, premium vessels, all with meticulously executed details. Elevated and highly desired by discerning cannabis customers. The brand’s boldest attribute, the monogram, feels historic yet unusually new. Blind embossed copy adds a layer of underground intrigue. The limited white and black palette allows for the fine details to be appreciated, and conveys a brand with confidence and mystery. Wilshire Madison has an attitude & background formed from a juxtaposition of high-end & underground culture. This informed everything from the aesthetics to the copy.

Once hidden, still stashed.

No THC cannabis products were used in these photos. Thanks to our strategy/writing partner Julie Kucinski, photographer Ken Friberg, and printing/packaging partner Franklin Press Inc.

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