Werk Ethic Exhibition

An introspective look at 31.25 years of WDW

Bottom drawer, top shelf, behind the door, inside the brains.¬†An unapologetic look at the how, the what, and why it matters. We were to be selected as the 2023 Concordia University Leaders of Design. We put three decades worth of design on display, making the most of every square inch of the gallery from floor to ceiling (floor AND ceiling, actually). The “Werk Room,” where we showed un-selected, un-produced and in-process work with sketches, mockups and inspiration was a crowd favorite. Curating our extensive stash of project ephemera was no small undertaking. Our motto: more is more.

The opening night reception was a smashing success despite being postponed due to a blizzard. We were told that it was the most attended opening in the gallery history and it certainly felt like it was jam-packed with nearly everyone we know.

Special thanks to John Dufresne for the invitation and support. We could never have hung the show without the assistance of the incredible Rosie Kimball and her team of student workers. Photography and videography: Nick Neary and Theo Fataliev.

Watch Sharon Werner’s opening night presentation & talk

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