Vodka Sucks Vodka

Unapologetically tasteless

When there is no personality, no character, no flavor, no color, no heritage, no challenge nor mystery, there is the nothingness of vodkaness. And for some, that is happiness. Vodka Sucks Vodka was made for them. Vodka Sucks was made by distillers who love whiskey. Distillers who like taste, not non-taste. Distillers who like people who like vodka and people who like people who like vodka, so they made Vodka Sucks Vodka for them. It’s about togetherness. Appropriately, all proceeds from this vodka go to making better whiskey. Immediate income from vodka sales allows RockFilter Distillery to barrel-age their whiskey longer for better taste. Vodka doesn’t require aging for its tasteless character.

Everything you need to know about how the distillers really feel about vodka is right there in the name. For them we created a nothing brand with no taste but lots of attitude. Vodka Sucks Vodka challenges the norms of spirits packaging: there are no expected tropes of false heritage or pretentious claims of purity and great flavor. Just honesty. The bold, irreverent label puts everything, including the UPC, front and center. It’s rebellious; a tasteless pleasure for a tasteless world. Vodka Sucks Vodka screams off the retail shelf, whether it’s shelved with vodkas or our preferred location nestled amongst the beautiful whiskey bottles.

Vodka Sucks Vodka: good vodka for people who think vodka is good.

Thanks, as always, to our amazing partners: copywriting by Julie Kucinski and photography from Colin Houck and K2 Studios

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