Target Trends

Style Guide

This set of look-books were given to Target buyers and vendors to outline the trends and brands for the season. We interpreted the theme “on the move” as both physical motion and psychological change. Texture is created using the spiral motif as well as overlapping lines of motivational copy like, “When is the last time you crossed a time zone?” “When is the last time you felt your pulse?” and “When is the last time you helped someone else up the ladder?” To make the guide easier to use, each of Target’s soft-lines brands were given their own separate look-book which all fit into a very compact slipcase.

target-trends-1 target-trends-2

Inspired by the Eames, House of Cards, we created a deck of building cards that served as both an invitation to the kick-off event as well as a creative tool with inspirational images and messages.


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