Target Home

Admittedly, the Target HOME project is challenging to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the scope of work, which ultimately involved a multitude of product categories and thousands of product SKUs throughout Target. Target asked WDW to review and assess a new Target HOME brand concept they were about to roll out across all HOME packaging SKUs. They asked WDW to “make it more Target.”  We agreed with the caveat that, in the process, we would also make an additional recommendation for Target HOME.

Target HOME was positioning itself to skew more upscale than the existing incarnation had been, as well as differentiate from other Target lines—more premium than “entry-level” Target brands. The brand and packaging needed to be timeless and incredibly flexible, to be applied to utilitarian products such as ironing boards and to crystal tableware and outside to garden tools. We created a brand environment where the products speak for themselves, creating beautiful photographs with the product actually in use–styled, but not overly precious. We developed a banner logo in a distinctive color, patterns, photography and lighting style. But, most important, is the information architecture, providing consistency and making it easy for the guest to find important product details.

It became clear in the first presentation to Target’s creative team that WDW’s new way of looking at Target HOME had great potential. We quickly began testing it across all the product categories and creating test photos to capture the exact essence of the new language. It was exciting to see the consistency of execution by the internal teams as it was rolled out to the stores.

blanketdishes curtain_clock_sheets

Target HOME encompasses thousands of products, this is a very small sample of packages that were created by Target InHouse teams.

hangtagandheirarchycomb bedandfirepitphotos

Working with select photographers, we conducted test shoots to establish a benchmark for photo style and quality of light. All photos have a strong horizontal or  low horizon line. The upper left area is left clear or open as the product name and detail placeholder.

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