Target Halloween


This was a dream project, creating Halloween for Target, what could be better than that? Prior to this year, Halloween at Target had been pretty low-key, but they wanted to amp up the excitement and capture more of the potential market. So we got busy creating a sophisticated retro-inspired color palette, a friendly cast of ghoulish characters including: Miss Witch, Lil Frankie, Little Boy Ghoul, Mummy’s Boy and don’t forget, The Count. Add to that a variety of patterns and graphics used to create everything from pajamas and t-shirts to signage, party decor and more, you’ve got quite a Halloween. Target was pretty excited, so for the first time, they did an animated Halloween TV spot. All the pieces were supplied in style guides which were used by Target buyers, vendors, in-house designers and other agencies to create the multitude of final products. The Halloween program was so successful for Target that it set the bar for Halloweens to come. They even awarded WDW the Target Vendor of the Year Award.

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Partnering with Fame (a retail design agency), we worked together to create a goulishly inviting environment for Target stores. The Halloween area was transformed into a haunted “fun-house.” We created prints and patterns, as well as graphic imagery for t-shirts and hoodies, undies, pajamas, baby costumes and decor.

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