Tahiti Rum

The Spirit of Tahiti

The earthly delights, forbidden pleasures, mysterious legends and tropical beauty of Tahiti all come together in this premium coconut rum. Tahiti has converted devout missionaries, transformed eel-gods into coconut trees and distilled the freshness of coconut into the spirit of rum. Called the Tree of Life, coconut is the food of the gods and the soul of the South Seas–a taste of paradise itself. We elevated this taste to a higher art that is a toast to the easy, free, open life on the islands. In collaboration with creative strategist and copywriter Julie Kucinski, we developed several names, brand stories, and packaging concepts for this untamed coconut rum.



Missionary: Where some find sin, others find salvation. God-fearing men arrived in Oteheite to drive out the earthly pleasures, only to find new ones for themselves. Dancing, singing, free love, bare bodies, and talking on Sundays: such was the scourge of this life-loving paradise. What’s your position?

Atoll 149: Explorers set out for Tahiti seeking adventure and easy island pleasure. Those men returned with tales beyond imagination…if they returned at all. Beyond expectation lies Atoll 149. The lore of the islands, distilled into a golden coconut rum, with a hint of mysterious cognac depths.

Oro Hina: The goddess of the moon, Hina ruled across the South Seas. It was in Tahiti that she created the coconut, sprung from the golden sands and carried island to island. For centuries, the coconut has been the symbol of Polynesia. So raise a golden cup to the moon goddess, ruler of the life of the night.

Aroha: Aroha is a word that has no direct translation, but a sip or two might do the trick. Sharing, loving, healing, reconciliation, compassion, freedom, caring, equality, forgiveness: we find all these things in Aroha. It is a shared sense of well-being, one that connects people as friends for now and forever.

Society: From the Society Islands, land of the coconut, soul of the South Seas. Society Rum is a taste of paradise itself. Distilled into an extraordinary rum, with the freshness of Tahitian coconut water and the spirit of cognac for a liqueur blend that is smooth, sweet and slightly beyond the everyday.


Kaivai and Tibero: In Tahiti, legend holds that man and shark can exchange souls. Ever-present in the islands, their beautiful danger circles just below the surface. Mysterious. Alluring. Unpredictable. This smooth coconut rum captures the gold of the sun and the depth of cognac, for a taste of the other side of island life.


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