Specs Optical

Frames from around the world

Specs Optical is all about detail. Their unique collection of carefully selected, handcrafted eyewear from around the world. Their incredibly high level of service. Their personal care and attention they give to every transaction. They came to WDW in search of a new look that would reflect their philosophy of outstanding service and sophisticated, yet sometimes quirky, products.¬†We developed an identity system that includes an alphabet inspired by braille and a vision phoropter tool. We spelled out a variety of messages in their alphabet and applied it in different ways throughout the store and on the printed materials, from “welcome” on the windows to “hello” on the business cards. We also used a prism pattern that’s both an interpretation of light through a lens as well as a rendition of the distinctive facade of the shop.

bag_stationery bag_close2

Tiny pinhole diecuts in the shopping bag give a sneak peak into the interior of the bag. It’s all about looking at things in a different way.

specs-alphabet signage

Alchemy Architects designed a bold and unusual facade to increase visibility of the shop. We worked with Alchemy to develop exterior and interior signage.

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