Classic Baby Toy

Skwish is an amazing baby toy, that’s also a great stress reliever for adults. Currently, the toy is sold with a simple hangtag attached, which was difficult to merchandise in some retail stores. Manhattan Toy Company asked us to explore the option of a sturdy package. The ultimate goals were to provide better merchandising opportunities and make them stackable, protect the toy, but still make it easy for consumers to interact with the toy–which is it’s greatest sales tool (because it’s fun and hard to put down) and provide some branding opportunities.

We designed an identity that visually implies the elasticity of the toy and the skwishiness. The proposed package design direction allows the customer to see and interact with the toy, while still protecting it. The package itself becomes entertaining. Skwish is sold primarily in boutique toy stores around the world, so the package has copy in several languages. Skwishy! Skwashy! Oh my goshy!

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