Rat Race Studios

Photography Studio

Our friends at Rat Race Studios (now rebranded as Ken Friberg Photography¬†Studio) run a full-service photography studio, shooting everything from still life and product shots to fashion and video. We wanted to create a mark for them that’s was as sophisticated and multi-faceted as their work, something that would be easily identifiable whether it’s being used as a watermark on a photo or spray painted on the side of equipment cases. We used the facing Rs to create a balanced maze-like shape. Do the Rs have a slightly rat-like quality to their pointy noses? Maybe. Are the Rs vaguely reminiscent of tripods and lighting apparatuses? Perhaps. Like good photography, there are some things left open to interpretation.

bcards-2 bcards-closeup

The engraved, non-standard sized business cards on extra thick stock let potential clients know that they’re dealing with photographers who understand the importance of details.

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