Planned Parenthood

Control delivered.

Your voice is heard with every birth control refill. Can you say that about your healthcare provider? Planned Parenthood sees it as their responsibility to build stronger, more powerful connections with their patients. To let them know that they have a voice, that they are heard, that they can make a difference. Planned Parenthood saw the listless Rx refill program (primarily birth control in white paper bags) as a great, underutilized platform to communicate and connect with their strong, responsible, smart, forward-thinking demographic of patients and supporters. The goal was to increase engagement and retention of their Rx birth control delivery program while leveraging patient touch-points to strengthen the emotional values of patients and PP.

What was once delivered in a pedestrian (albeit recyclable) white lunch bag is now a bold explosion of colorful positivity, empowerment and attitude. Yep, it’s still environmental–no plastic here–only 100% post consumer waste recycled and recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper. The result is an experience that’s more beauty box subscription and less ho-hum Rx. We worked with Franklin Press to develop the unique, custom paper pouch that functions like a plastic standup pouch with less impact on the earth. The pouch needed to hold a wide variety of birth control brands, from one month to three months, to the 3-3-30 program. Not only is the hair tie closure is reusable, there’s also no danger of it causing damage to the pouch’s contents (a problem with the typical staple closure).

Message delivered.

Thanks to Hen’s Teeth for bringing us into this project. Thanks to Julie Kucinski  for some awesome copywriting and Ken Friberg for fabulous photography.

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