Liqueur de France

Fine muscat grapes and orange blossoms compose the heart of this delicate and complex liqueur. Named after the 16th century dance of the peacock, Pavan celebrates the South of France. The luxury of basking in the sun above, the sea to the south and the vineyards to the west, peacocks roaming and the sweet aroma of paradise in the air. Pavan–confidently flamboyant, yet demure and shy like the peacock that graces its label. Refreshing with sparkling water or alone on ice, Pavan is also perfect with vodka, gin, tequila and champagne. So don’t be shy, raise your cocktail!

Together with the client, we developed a brand story, name, package and visual language that is authentic to the region of production, the South of France. It merges the romance of the location with the natural qualities of the liqueur.

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