Mohawk 50/10plus

Mother Goose

Did you know that the verifiable origins of Mother Goose’s rhymes are linked exclusively to the nursery rhymes debut on printed paper? This seemed like the perfect story to promote Mohawk’s 50/10 Plus brand of paper. We culled through and researched many well-known and some not-so-well-known rhymes and realized they were all a little absurd and sometimes rather frightening. But rather than be exceedingly politically correct and rewrite them, we asked young designers from around the world to give their comments on the 10 rhymes and we provided a bit of the rhymes history, giving additional depth to the paper promotion and, hopefully, a life beyond the office. This is the modern Mother Goose for today.

MotherGoose_groupshots_1c MotherGoose_groupshots_2b MotherGoose_groupshots_3b

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