LEJAY Crème de Cassis

Remember Your First French Cassis?

The House of Lejay Lagoute is known for creating the world’s first Crème de Cassis, Lejay. Created in 1841 in Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy, Lejay is now available in the United States. This chapbook was made to acquaint bartenders with the authentic and romantic story of the brand, inform them about fruit selection and cassis production, and share cocktail recipes.

Crème de Cassis is the fruit rendezvous of Noir De Bourgogne and Black Down currants, blended with a passive maceration process, resulting in an intense, fruity and balanced Crème de Cassis. Lejay is a highly mixable drink with fresh juices and teas. Made famous by Canon Kir, the charismatic mayor of Dijon, when he mixed Lejay with white wine to create a Kir and mixed with champagne for a Kir Royal.





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