a natural neighborhood

Inspiration is a neighborhood development with a small town feel and an admirable mission: to restore 245 acres of land to its native prairie condition and build homes that are sensitive to the environment on a small footprint. WDW worked with CPDC, the property development company, to develop a visual language for the new neighborhood that would inform and educate potential home buyers as well as builders about what sets this neighborhood apart and makes it desirable. Every element communicates warmth, nature and a nostalgic sense of home and community–where every home has a front porch that faces the street. The logo is designed to represent the natural aspect of the development and be flexible enough to change with the seasons. WDW worked with Inspiration to develop not only an identity system and sales brochure, but also temporary and permanent signage, advertising and promotional materials as well as develop furnishings and fixtures for the neighborhood nature center.

insp-multilogos-1 insp-ads-2

A series of ads that were placed in metro magazines and were also reformatted to billboards. The brochure was given to prospective home buyers, balancing nature and a beautiful home in harmony. The French-fold pages and paper stocks enhance the overall experience and tactile feel of the piece, communicating a high level of detail, not only in the brochure, but in the homes to be built.

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