HoliFrog Situational Skincare

The frog's evolution

Holifrog Situational Skincare is a luxury skincare brand focused on your skin’s ever-changing needs. Your skin is more than a “type,” it’s is affected by your days, nights and what you do in-between. The HoliFrog founders came to us a year after their initial brand launch. In that year they’d had some success, although they’d struggled to reach higher-end retailers. Their “Situational Skincare” point of difference wasn’t clear and they didn’t get credit for Holifrog’s curated, professional-quality, professional-quantity ingredients. Their brand and packaging were often referred to as immature, youthful and naive, not meeting expectations of the price point.

After a brand audit, we determined the best path forward for a  brand refresh and redesign was to maintain the free-spirited, optimistic brand vibe but elevate the sophistication and science. Our goal was to lose the “immature” but not the “energy”of the brand. Put “Situational Skincare” front and center. Make the products easier to shop by building a consistent and meaningful information hierarchy. Use color to define functional product benefits. We embraced and enhanced all things water: sophisticated watercolors, highlight the body-of-water product names. The HoliFrog icon was reworked to become more holistic and harmonious and we created an elegantly fluid, yet bold logotype. The packaging now pops on shelf and in “the feed.” The rebrand has been equally well received by a bevy of new retail partners around the world as well as by existing loyal fans.

Situational Skincare is now a thing.

Thanks to Ken Friberg and Ted & Chelsea for the beautiful photography, and to Sable Yong for writing copy that’s so much fun to work with.


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