Goodbye plastic, hello HiBAR.

HiBAR wants to eliminate plastic packaging, starting in the bathroom. Their first step is with innovative solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Their mission is all about water—by eliminating water from their products, and therefore the need for plastic packaging, they are eliminating  plastic from the earth’s waterways and oceans. With products as good as these it’s a win-win for everyone. Beautiful hair, beautiful planet.

We were really excited to get on board with the HiBAR mission. We developed the branding and created the actual bar shape that became the hero of our packaging and identity work. The unique package form has the shelf presence to compete with the big boys in traditional plastic bottles but with much less impact on the environment. The specially engineered wedge-shaped package holds the product in place and protects it with minimal waste.

Special thanks to Persusasion Arts and Sciences and to Ken Friberg and Josh Grubbs for their amazing photography.



We worked with the HiBAR team to develop an iconic shape that is inspired by nature and functions really well in the shower. We collected river rocks and studied sculptures. We molded and carved multiple forms, testing them repeatedly to see what felt best in the hand. We also took production constraints into account and created something that could be made in a uniform, marketable size. We ultimately landed on a drop-like shape that evokes water and nature and echoes HiBAR’s water-drop logo.

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