A grand way to stay connected

Letter-writing skills and written memories are hard to come by in the age of digital communications. Grandconnect helps create written bonds and meaningful memories between grandchildren and grandparents, whether they live across the country or around the corner. We worked with Pam Lohman, the creator, to develop a stationery system that was easy to understand regardless of whether the purchaser was the grandparent, the parent, or even the grandchild. It had to communicate easily at the shelf and be produced economically enough to keep the retail price reasonable. We developed a stationery kit that’s bright, fun, gender neutral, and appropriate for both kids and adults.


The kit contains two identical stationery notebooks; one for the grandparent and the second one for the grandchild. The notebooks contain stationery for each month along with helpful tips for writing and topics, a place to keep a record of what you’ve written, and a pocket for storing letters received. Grandparents and grandchildren begin by signing a Pledge, stating that they promise to write once a month…and then the letter-writing fun begins!

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The corporate stationery for the Grandconnect company keeps the same playfulness in a slightly more muted palette.


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