Dry Wit

Enjoy with good food & better company.

Dry Wit is a non-alcoholic blend of botanicals and juice. A witty toast-worthy drink at any wine occasion, no designated driver needed. Dry Wit was created to be enjoyed with good food, and better company. Inclusive hospitality, everyone is welcome.

Dry Wit hangs in the same circle of friends as wine, so the branding needed to be dressed for the occasion. Approachable but sophisticated, casual yet luxurious, and aways confidently non-alcoholic. Dry Wit was a name we created to embody both sobriety & hospitality. A continuous label design wraps the bottle, putting Dry Wit at the center of attention and turning its back on no one at the dinner party. Flavor names inspired by literary legends set the tone for fun with a side of fancy. A classically designed logotype paired with sans-serif tidbits of copy featuring everything from flavor profiles to whimsical life-hacks like “drink with bunny slippers in front of a fire.” To top it off, a small but bold sticker placed above the primary label proudly states what Dry Wit is all about.

Enjoy yourself and keep your wits about you!

Photography: Ken Friberg, with special thanks to K2 Studios.

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