Current State of Beauty

Skincare that goes beyond skin-type

Current State, a new skincare line, is disrupting the status quo. No set skincare regimen–give your skin what it needs when it needs it. No typecasting–products are defined by skin type because your skin is not always the same. Not one muted brand color–an explosion of 30+ colors based on product features. Bold color creates shelf-impact and encourages you to mix and match based on your skin’s needs. A sophisticated, clean, yet playful brand approach sits comfortably at an accessible price point in mass retail stores.

Balancing the explosion of color is a clean, clear and consistent information hierarchy which toes the line between perfectly loud and a skincare brand that consumers can trust. “The clean lines of the components themselves juxtaposed with the color blocking on the retail cartons allows the brand to have two lives: one on a retail shelf and one on your home shelf. Personally that excites me!” Emily Parr, Co-Founder of Current State. Tune in to your skin’s Current State™

Photography: Current State and Ken Friberg, with special thanks to K2 Studios.

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