Cocktail Mixer

Soul of a Cocktail

Brand development concepts for some of the best tasting non-alcoholic cocktail mixes we have ever tried. They’re delicious without alcohol and even better with it. The cocktail mixes needed a name, brand story and packaging that communicated the premium quality to the world. Working with creative strategist and copywriter, Julie Kucinski, we dove in and began to discover the nuances of the product and explore the brand potential.

We developed several brand stories building off various aspects of the product with the over-arching direction of Transformation. Transformation of: fruits into delicious mixers, so-so cocktails into amazingly crafted cocktails, a beer and wine party into something more memorable, a daytime gathering into a nightime adventure, sunlight into moonlight. The magic of transforming. We explored transformation through the lens of location, premium ingredients, recipes, as well as the founders’ stories. The goal was to create an authentic story and brand that was true to the product, memorable, aspirational, gender neutral, premium, oh, yeah, and fun! After all, cocktails are fun.


Stillwell’s: Napa Valley legend has it that, by day, the watchful falcon toils to protect the harvest and ensure its most precious bounty. By night, the falcon transforms into the sly fox—the player and magic maker of the night. Stillwell’s is the modern allegory to that tradition. From work to play, night to day, we transform the bounty of nature to the spirit of fun. All work and no play make it a very dull night…

Solful: The falcon works by day to protect the most precious fruit harvest. Once it’s fulfilled the duty of the sun—the sol—it can reap the rewards of its night shift as the sly and playful fox. Work and play. Craft and passion. Body and spirit. One part emerges by day, the other by night. Each of us a creature of contradiction. Grown by the sun. Fill with spirit…to capture the soul. Balanced and whole. That’s the soul of the cocktail.

Harvestmen: Based in nature, this symbolizes Harvestmen (daddy long-legs) as finders, purveyors, curators & craftsmen. They transform earth’s best ingredients into surprising takes on familiar cocktails that, in turn, completely change your expectations of what tonight, a cocktail or a party can be. Lift your spirits. VIVAT CRESCAT FLOREAT  “May it live, grow and flourish.”

&Voilà: Every culture believes something a bit magical about the raven. It captured light and brought it to a dark world. It created earth. It transformed from light to dark. It is a symbol of mystery, of transformation, the soul of the merry prankster. Day to night–the twin ravens are talismans of magic and light and symbolic of what can happen in an instant…&Voilà.

Aureus: The early morning fog across the valley and plants, heavy with succulent fruits, create a golden liquid, Aureus. Drop by drop, these fresh-pressed creations come together to make new flavor combinations. One part fresh, one part spirits, the flavors create the perfect balance of fruit to spirit, day to night, easy to amazing. Ease and awesome come together in the exact proportions. Shake. Serve. Pure gold.  AUREUS: golden/of gold


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