Cheetah Valley Wine

This imported South African wine label and brand conveys a sense of adventure, discovery and romanticism. It’s like a page torn from a travel journal, capturing a particularly special moment of the journey. Due to the fact that South Africa was not yet recognized by most U.S. consumers as a grape growing region, the label and mystery surrounding it had to work hard to create interest and purchase. Five percent of the sales are given back to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in S.A.

The shipping cases, when stacked, become a hard-working POS display. Each side of the box is different and adds to the overall brand language.


The port label brings to mind a hand-labeled bottle from a vintner’s private stock, a special gift from a limited vintage, still part of the Cheetah Valley brand, but more personal. We learned that serious port connoisseurs don’t believe that a good wine vintner can also make a good port. Therefore, the port label needed to feel distinctly different from the wine, yet still fall under the Cheetah Valley brand.


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