Charles Luck

Purveyors of Fine Stone and Building Knowledge

After nearly a century in business, Luck Stone, one of the largest family-owned and operated producers of crushed stone, sand and gravel in the nation, diversified with Charles Luck Stone Centers. At these centers, architects and designers can learn about and see the wide variety of stone that Charles Luck acquires from all over the world, and the multitude of ways in which the stone can be used. Charles Luck was working with our friends at Work Labs to elevate their brand and generate awareness while expanding their network of potential clients into high-end architecture and interior design. Work Labs, in turn, asked WDW to come up with a promotional piece and a catalog system that would help create excitement and interest in the new Charles Luck Stone Centers.

luck-box_CLOSED2 luck_openbox

The large promo box is reminiscent of a children’s geology science set and contains a swatch book/catalog, rock samples and a promotional book communicating the depth of knowledge and love of stone that you’ll find at Charles Luck Stone Centers.


The book emphasizes the heritage of the company as well as the heritage and legacy of stone itself. Stone–the epitome of longevity, durability, quality, and beauty–is incredibly tactile. A book promoting it should be equally tactile; the multiple tip-ins and extras indicate Charles Luck’s attention to detail and innovation. We commissioned the beautiful photography by Geof Kern.

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