Cabot Creamery Cultured Dairy

Fresh from Vermont

Since 1919, Cabot – a farmer-owned co-operative – has been producing the country’s purest, farm-fresh, healthy, award-winning dairy and cheese products. Cabot’s cultured dairy products are part of an ongoing brand refresh to communicate and enhance Cabot’s authentic heritage and build on the “modern rustic” platform that’s synonymous with the brand. Cabot is known for their commitment to quality, being farm-family owned, fresh from Vermont and for their beloved plaid.

Cabot has many loyal fans; it was important to bring them along while engaging new, younger customers. We started the process by auditing the current packaging, taking note of identifiable & positive elements of the package. From this, our goals were to retain but enhance many of the attributes that were inherent in the current packages, while developing a universal hierarchy of information, creating more fresh and creamy appetite appeal and inspire creative usage of the products. We fully embraced the plastic cups’ dry offset printing method: misregistration and large color traps that are inherently less than perfect. 

We adhered to the existing core colors for each product and looked to category norms for specific products like “No Fat” or “Light”, making it easy for shoppers to find their product. We tweaked the colors to exude a more tasty, milky, Cabot appeal. We leaned further into the dairy vernacular which inspired the transformation of mundane callout bugs to become friendly stickers with flavor cues, health attributes and usage ideas, as well as certifications that were once buried on the back of pack. Even the language was given a polish; the ambiguous and confusing “Vermont Style” is now meaningful and ownable as “Fresh from Vermont” and can be used on all Cabot Creamery products.

The outcome is a bold and expressive modern look with a nod to, and respect for, the Cabot farmer heritage. The packages stand out in a cooler filled with competitors that are either bland and generic, or use the common dairy cow.

Photography: Ken Friberg, with special thanks to K2 Studios.

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