Cabot 8oz Dairy Cheese

A new look for the next century

Cabot Creamery, a farmer-owned cooperative, is celebrating 100 years of award-winning dairy products. Based in Vermont, the brand is an East Coast favorite known for its amazing cheddars (quality we can personally attest to). As part of an ongoing rebranding partnership between Cabot and WDW, we’ve given their 8oz dairy bars a fresh new look. We had the pleasure of working with creative director Mark Johnson to bring the brand’s modern rustic strategy to life, updating the look while maintaining Cabot’s authentic heritage and broad appeal.

Along with delicious cheddars, Cabot is known for plaid —some of their farmers have even painted their barns plaid! We decided to really embrace the plaid and make it the hero of the core line of classic cheddars. In addition to these classic cheddars, Cabot has three other main groups of cheeses: flavors (like Tomato Basil), non-cheddars (like Colby Jack), and lites. Each of these groups has a distinct look, with all four groups working together create a cohesive and impactful brand language.

Thanks to photographers Todd Hafermann and Ken Friberg, as well as food stylist Maggie Stopera .






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