Brave Co.

Ready for Change

Brave–it’s not just lip service to their name, it’s in their DNA. “Meaningful change demands a lot–an eagerness to learn, the courage to try something new and confidence in your intuition. Change demands bravery,” according to Craig Pladson, founder of Brave Co. His company is a strategic, fractional marketing firm for businesses seeking just that: bold and brave change.

It’s rare when a client comes to us and declares that they want to lead by example with an identity that not only says brave but is brave. Sure, we presented several nice, more traditional concepts alongside this one, but ultimately Brave Co wanted an identity they can grow into and aspire to be. An identity that made them stretch. An identity that made them a bit uneasy. Always with strategic reasoning, of course.

Be brave enough to wonder, brave enough to wish. A mantra we could all live by.

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