Blue Jelly

Book Design and Product Packaging

When her boyfriend leaves her, author Debby Bull discovers the therapeutic healing powers of jelly-making and canning. Debby asked us to redesign the book to reflect her personality. The redesign plays up the dark humor and the homespun warmth of the writing and makes the most of Ross MacDonald’s wry illustrations. The storyline of Debby’s path through revenge to healing and back again, is interspersed with real, usable canning recipes as well as relationship advice (“Toss out the scum!”).


Book signings and other book promotions are funny and appropriate opportunities for Debby to sell her homemade jams and pickles. God knows she has excessive amounts of them. The colorful “Really Bad Jam” and “You are in a Pickle” labels are letterpress printed on vintage wallpaper, with philosophical messages laserprinted onto small strips. This allows Debby to change the inspirational messages as often as she likes and her mood dictates; her customers can choose their pickles and jams according to flavor, wallpaper or message.

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