Blu Dot

Packaging, Catalog and Poster

We’ve worked with Blu Dot, the modern home furnishings maker/designers, on a variety of projects including packaging for the 2d-3d product line, catalogs and other materials. The 2d-3d package contains “flat to fabulous” metal fold-up desk accessory products. The package is designed and constructed as a single package that works for three different products, saving the client considerable printing and storage costs. The product simply slips under the appropriate tabs to lock it in place, while revealing the product color. The exterior label is applied according to the package contents. Like the “flat to fabulous” product it holds, the package ships flat, stores flat and goes together without any glue, staples or fasteners and has a built in handle–handy!


Our first project with Blu Dot was an equally flexible catalog that can be customized for a retailer or as direct-to-consumer. The photographic product sheets are attached to a pocket that contains price lists and product details, as well as any press information (which is always fun to share) or new product additions. The Modu-licious poster was a quick catalog/promotional piece to announce a new line of mix and match furniture called Modu-licious. It was used both on its own in a mailing and added to the catalog pocket.

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