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Blocky or small, thick or tall. Roundish, slopey, fancy or dopey. Letters look different in all different places, that’s because they have different typefaces. Alphabeasties is a wondrous, whimsical and witty world where animals of all types show what they’re made of–from A to Z. We stumbled into the role of kids’ book creator-author-designer-illustrator, which is a long story.

This children’s book about typography has expanded into three books, two sets of flashcards, an activity book, an app, and limited edition pillows…with hopes of more to come. Demonstrating to kids (and grown-ups!) that typography is fun and that type has a personality and can express more than simply the words being spelled. Thanks to Joe Weismann for his rhythmic introduction copy.

cover_Intro Alligatorspread2 cameldogSheep octopusspreads flahshcardspillows

What we love about Blue Apple is their high quality production standards and these flashcards are no exception. The flashcards are housed in a sturdy wrapped box and when you flip the cards over, they come together to make a large floor puzzle. It’s hard to decide which side we like better. The pillows were created for the Walker Art Center shop. We’d love to find Alphabeasties yet another home on kids’ bedding. Fingers crossed.


Word finds and mazes,  coloring and connect the dots, matching and madlibs, stickers and stuff. Alphabeasties Amazing Activities was a process of diving deep into our childhood, remembering our favorite kinds of activities and then building them all around type and letterforms. The activity book was re-imagined into an app by CJ Education, available on itunes.

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