Antidotal Skincare

Welcome to the skincare line that brings the best of a modern healthy lifestyle through the lens of evidence-based performance. Created by a physician scientist with an MD-PhD from Stanford and Harvard–not a dermatologist–this skincare line goes beyond the surface of the skin to the source. To the cell, the structure, the barrier, the threats. The result is a common sense skincare line that delivers exactly what it needs to. It’s time to bring health to health and beauty.

The ALEX MD PhD brand and packaging capture the balance between clinical and beauty. The performance of science-based care without being cold. Modern and timeless. We leaned into the founder’s name as the brand name, adding his credentials as an integrated part of the brand. Antidotal Skincare as the critical point of difference in a world of beauty products. A clean and simply elegant ALEX monogram (reminiscent of the Rx symbol) and type treatment contrast with the warmth of a hand-drawn pattern and tactile boxes. Health-based daily antidotes required for great skin in the modern age.

Photography by Ken Friberg. Strategy and copywriting by Julie Kucinski.

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