10Cane Rum

Trinidad, Kingdom of Rum

10Cane Rum is an alchemy of classic elegance and irreverance, blending the raw beauty of Trinidad and the sophistication of France. 10Cane mixes with your favorite base, it is the redemption of the classic cocktail. Moët Hennessy, along with Tate Subler (formerly Fallon Brand Consulting), approached Werner Design Werks to create an authentic brand story, name and package for a yet unnamed super premium, pure cane rum. After much research and exploration; the result is 10Cane Rum, a story and brand that is true to the product’s cultural soul blending with the sophistication of Moët Hennessy.

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After the branding was finalized and the product was in production, Moët Hennessy enlisted the services of Mother in NY for grassroots advertising and event planning. We spent time with Mother’s team providing background and the brand story.  We worked on several pieces directly with Mother, such as the 10Cane launch kit that serves both sales and media needs with interchangable spreadsheets.


Remaining true to the 10Cane brand and avoiding the often over photo-shopped, sexy model with bottle shot, the point of sale display lets the actual product and bottle be the star. Along with in-store POS and merchandising pieces, we designed several window concepts that were rolled out across New York City, from simple banners to more involved large windows.


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