Out-Of-Office Student Portfolio Reviews
May 11-22, 2020

Hey, these days none of us feel normal. Is it Wednesday? Saturday? Who knows. But life doesn’t stop. We’re surviving and soon we’ll be thriving. Meanwhile, there’s always design to be done. Students are still graduating and they have design work to show. So let’s get to it! Portfolio reviews can’t happen in person so we’ve created a virtual event to connect awesome design students and a group of rockstar design professionals from across the nation. The Out-Of-Office Student Portfolio Reviews.

The one-on-one reviews are virtual—no mask required. Just schedule the time and show up! Well, maybe prepare a little too. Students go to the sign-up page and choose their times and reviewers, then they sign up for Zoom—easy and free—and send their reviewer a meeting link. Student and reviewer log on, student screen shares their work and the reviewer bestows upon them profound wisdom and feedbackBoom, 40 minutes and it’s done.

Design Reviews: May 11–22, 2020





Sign up HERE  May 4–10
Reviews May 11–22

Reviews are open to current design students and recent grads (graduating 2019-2021) from across the country. This is a free event. You may select up to two review time slots with various incredible reviewers. The reviews are one-on-one and 40 minutes maximum.

After you’ve signed up for your selected reviewer and time, you will receive a notification that includes the reviewer’s contact details, keep that handy. Use the Zoom video conferencing app (it’s free). Set up a  Zoom video call for the selected time. Connect with your reviewers at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled review time. If you’ve signed up for multiple reviews, connect with all of your reviewers. Send the Zoom log-in link along with some details about yourself and a link to your work (i.e.website, Behance) or attach two pieces of work in the email.

During your review, make the most of the 40 minutes. Be prepared and on time. Introduce yourself, share your work and ask questions. Virtual sessions are part portfolio review and part informational interview. Explain your work and thought process behind it. Be professional and personable and above all show up and be on time.


– Totally free!
– Open to design students graduating 2019-2021
– Select up to two review time slots with different reviewers
– Reviews are 40 minutes maximum
– Please note: times noted are in CENTRAL time

Preparation Suggestions

– Collect 5-10 projects in a single platform, (i.e. website, PDF, or Behance)
– Get the Zoom video app
– Familiarize yourself with Zoom functions, learn how to screen share
– Select a location that will be free of distraction or interruption
– Do a trial run (or multiple trials) with friends or family
– Research your selected reviewers, get to know their work

At least 24 hours prior to review

– Contact the reviewer confirming the date and time
– Include the Zoom link
– Include your name, school, and links to your work

Review Tips

– Show up; if you can’t make it, contact the reviewer to reschedule
– Be on time
– Introduce yourself, name, school, date of graduation, etc.
– Share your work and your thinking behind the work
– Be professional, treat this like an interview – because it is!
– Ask questions
– It’s okay to be nervous, but try to enjoy the time


Questions? contact w@wdw.com.


Sign up HERE
April 24–May 1

O-O-O portfolio reviewers are a select group of design professionals from across the country who have amazing cred in the industry. They are leaders of design. And because they are generous (or they have a lot of time on their hands), they are willing to share their professional insight with some lucky students. Reviewers select the dates and times that work for their schedules.

Design reviewers should have a minimum of 4 years of design experience and knowledge to share with rising seniors and recent grads. Reviewers should  honestly critique the work, give suggestions, share their experiences and provide guidance. Virtual sessions are part portfolio review and part informational interview.


– Minimum four years of design experience
– Reviewers may select one or more time slots
– Please note: times noted are in CENTRAL time
– Share your website and/or social information during sign up
– Conduct the reviews without interruptions or distractions
– Be mindful of the students’ range in experience
– Be receptive and responsive to questions about you and your work
– If you can’t make it contact w@wdw.com to reschedule
– Mark your calendar with your selected review days and times

important dates

April 24–May 1 Reviewer SIGN UP
May 4–10 Student sign up
May 11–22 Reviews take place


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Questions? contact w@wdw.com.




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