McNally Smith Visual System

Music Made Visible

McNally Smith College of Music prepares its students for careers as musicians. The college offer courses in performance, production, audio engineering, songwriting, hip-hop, and more, with a strong emphasis on the business side of music. They’re also our neighbors in Saint Paul, located just a few blocks away from our downtown studio.

Our assignment was to help McNally Smith’s internal design department bring consistency to its communications. Although the college had a logo, it lacked a broader visual system to tie all of its communications together. We developed comprehensive standards for color, typography, photography, graphics, and copy—a flexible set of tools the school’s internal team could use to create beautiful, consistent communications. We debuted the new look with our design for the school’s viewbook, using multiple paper stocks and page sizes to create a dynamic, tactile experience.




mcnally_spread_horns mcnally_spread1

mcnally_spread2  mcnally_spread4



Additional concepts:




We also worked with photographer Ken Friberg to develop an image library for use in the viewbook and elsewhere. We created hundreds of images; this is only a small sampling.

McNally Smith visual system design by Werner Design Werks

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